How to Return to Sender Without Them Being Eye Catching

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How to return a package to sender seems simple enough. Just send it back! But with absolutely no damage? Most people would assume that sending back an envelope filled with expensive jewelry or packages of toilet paper would be just as easy. The truth is, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when returning any type of package.

How to Send Package to Sender

The postal service receives millions of packages and letters every day, so even the slightest mistake is bound to occur. So, what do you do when you find a piece of mail that needs to be returned to the sender? Actually, the process is very simple, but it’s a bit different depending on which circumstance you find yourself in. Let’s use the same letter example above. If you found a returned piece of mail that was addressed to a business, you’d simply follow the same steps as above.

direct mail

When you receive a letter from a private individual or organization, however, there are a few additional steps you’ll have to take. You’ll want to make sure that you have their correct address before you write refused the package. This way, you can avoid having to add “please return this letter to sender” at the bottom of your letter. Some organizations also have a special procedure for how to return mail to sender if they’re the sender of the letter.

When a package is returned to sender via the mail carrier, they must first remove the return address label. Next, they put the return address label back on the package in place of the name of the sender. Then they wrap the package back up and post it. Finally, they inscribe a new return address label on top of the package, using the recipient’s name.

When you receive packages from us, you can track them with the help of a tracking number. They usually come with a personalized tracking number printed directly on the tracking label. Just look for the number on the package or on a label. You can call us directly at any time to order your tracking number.

How to send a package to someone via us mail service depends on the situation. For instance, if you want to send a gift to someone you know at work, you would contact your boss and tell him or her that you need a present sent to your friend. Usually, you can expect that your boss will forward the package along with an email or letter explaining to you how to return the package to sender. In most cases, your package may be delivered in less than a week. If you are expecting something important, you can always call the sender to find out if the present is already at the recipient’s doorstep. In addition, if your package is lost or damaged, you can file a claim with the US postal service.


How to send a package to someone via us mail service is even easier when you don’t want the package to be delivered already opened. When you want to ask us to repackage your package, just write the following to us: “I would like a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) with a matching number for immediate pick up. I would like to pack the package myself and send it enclosed in a bubble wrap package. Will you please pack my package for me and return it to me by a date specific.” If you write this to us, it means that you have already opened the package and you have a tracking number for your package. Just call us on our number and we will pack it for you and send it to the receiver.

What if you are expecting your partner to sign the return address label? Just write the following to us: “I understand that you were not able to locate my package. In order for you to do so, please complete the attached signature block and affix it to the bottom of the package. I also understand that you will need to notify me of any additional information regarding your lost package. Thank you.”