Earth Day

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, or have somehow managed to lead a life of blissful ignorance, you’re well aware of global warming and other environmental crises currently facing our planet. Even if you’re not quite ready to buy into what scientists, environmentalists and Al Gore are saying and jump wholeheartedly onto the global warming bandwagon, you just need to look around you to see that something’s gotta give. 

Air quality advisories are becoming a staple of summer days. Pollution and high bacteria levels keep us out of our lakes and rivers; we’re even hesitant about the quality of water coming from our taps. 

Environmental organizations worldwide say global warming is the single greatest threat currently facing our society, and in 2007, NASA scientist James E. Hansen stated that unless international efforts are launched within the next 10 years, species will disappear and the Earth will be a vastly less habitable planet by the end of the century. 

It’s all very scary and completely overwhelming. How are you, one person out of the billions on this planet, supposed to make a difference? Easy.

As much as you’ve been bombarded with scary facts about climate change, you’ve also probably been told there are loads of things you can to do make a difference, and that’s true. (Relax, we’re not going to ask you to go all granola.)