Russels up some laughs

What do you get when you mix impeccable wit and timing with a comedian who has a knack for taking any subject, no matter how taboo, and making it hilariously funny? 
Simple. You get Russell Peters. 

As one of the most entertaining characters currently on the comedy scene, Canada’s own Russell Peters is definitely having the last laugh, selling out arenas and comedy venues worldwide in a matter of minutes, and leaving audiences everywhere in stitches. He has the distinct honour of being the first comedian to sell out the Air Canada Centre, not once, but twice and has had over 25 million viewers watch him do his thing on YouTube. 

So how exactly did this Brampton-raised boy manage to make such a booming career just by standing up and telling a few jokes? Part of his success could definitely be attributed to his no-holds-barred approach to comedy. Rather than spewing out joke after joke, Peters uses bang-on impressions and sardonic observations about race, culture and class to get his laughs, and is often so spot-on about it, you can’t help but bust a gut. While you might think those topics would have him constantly walking a very fine line between amusing and offensive, the people who are often at the brunt of his mockery don’t seem to mind. In fact, they tend to be his biggest fans.

The Awards
Besides being able to brag about selling out shows wherever he goes, Peters, who will be celebrating his 20th year in stand-up comedy this year, has plenty of notable notches on his belt. He’s appeared at some of the world’s most buzzed about comedy festivals, including Montreal’s acclaimed Just For Laughs Festival, HBO’s Aspen Comedy Festival and The Las Vegas Comedy Festival. His Comedy Now! performance remains one of the network’s most popular and most talked-about shows. 

Peters has also taken part in numerous USO Tours, entertaining troops stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Djibouti and Greenland, and has been honoured with four Gemini Nominations, nabbing the award for Best Host or Performance in a Variety Series after hosting the Junos in 2008. Apparently, he enjoyed the experience so much, he’s coming back for another round, returning as host again this year. 

So, What’s Next?
Currently in the middle of a worldwide tour, Peters will be returning to home turf this June for his 20th Anniversary Tour, and promises to show you the funny, bringing loads of new material, mixed with some of your old favourites. Tour dates are scheduled across Canada, check out for more information. 

It was also recently confirmed that Peters signed a deal with FOX to produce a show revolving around his experiences in Canada, which he promises will be “honest and funny.” Add all that to the small movie roles he’s got slated for 2009, and it’s safe to say Peters is laughing – all the way to the bank.